Retirement Center

Levels RCFE

At least 62 years of age. Walks without assistance (canes and walkers ok.) Capable of all personal hygiene such as bathing, dressing, grooming and laundry. (Optional laundry service and bathing service available for a fee.) Oriented to time, place, and people.

Room Rate

Private: $2,800 per month
Semi Private: (married couples only) $1,750 each per month

Optional added services:

$75 per month for laundry services
$85 per month of shower services (if more than twice/week)
$300 per month for medication management service

At least 62 years. Needs assistance in personal hygiene such as bathing, dressing and grooming. Needs assistance with laundry. ** Our PCU residents experience care and routine visits by our Nurse Assistants frequently during day and night.

Room Rate

$130.00 / day (laundry and bathing service fees included)

At least 62 years. Individual care for residents that need special attention to

  • Orientation
  • Personal hygiene
  • Grooming
  • Laundry

** Our SCC residents are closely monitored by our Nurse Assistants that are on duty 24 hrs. a day. SCC center is equipped with alarms that prevent wandering of residents.

Room Rate

Private: $160.00 / day per month
Semi Private: $130 / day

(laundry and bathing service fees included)